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Marketing Communications Coordinator
A part-time marketing and communications department at your disposition! 
We will research the market, find business development opportunities, plan strategies to reach your goals, create the tools and materials you need, implement or supervise all campaigns and manage your website and social media accounts for you. 
 Working remotely or in your premises
 Weekly or monthly meetings
 Rates per hour
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Workshops & Tutorials
Are you a hands-on manager? Do you want to take care of your marketing and communications development and implementation? You know exactly how you want to market your business but you lack of the tools? 
We can help you get there without the need of courses, books or tedious master classes. 
Our workshops are direct and concise:
 Marketing strategy planning
 Communications strategy planning
 Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube...)
One on one tutorials are tailored to your particular interests and needs. We will create a coaching program or a one off session based on your requirements.
Marketing Communications Consultancy
Project-based consultancy in:
Strategic Marketing Planning 
Strategic Communications Planning 
Market Research
Online & Social Media Marketing
Public Relations 
Internal Communications & Incentive Programs
Costumer Relationship Management
Community Building Campaigns
Image Building Campaigns
 Content and Article Marketing
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Smart design 
Design from a marketing perspective, focused on its functionality and market efficiency. 
Expertise and knowledge of a marketer with the technical ability of a designer. 
We believe in results, not in ornaments!
 Promotional material: leaflets, brochures, postcards, sales kits, posters...
 Websites and social media profile customization
 3D product visualisations
 Motion Graphics 
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