Our working style:

At Yebra, we are inspired by our clients and believe in being a genuine, hassle-free solution for them. Whether you need input for your business or just help to materialize your own good ideas; a complete strategic plan or just a design for a leaflet, newsletter or poster.

Whether you want to take a seat and supervise or you want to learn and manage the campaigns with us. We believe in flexibility, efficiency and communication.

Our favourite tools:

Social media have become a great asset for small business. Social media marketing can increase community feeling, have positive effects in converting leads into customers and above all serve as an outlet for updated information and promotions. We truly believe in the benefits of dabbing into social media for small businesses and one of our specialties is social media marketing
and management.

Posting video clips on Youtube, uploading images to Flickr, bookmarking your content or Twitter updates with news and events are only the tipping point of a wide range of options available for free.

We customize a plan for your business to leverage on these new media, with the adequate tools, managing process and evaluation of results.

Maria Yebra Samper

My greatest passion is learning; new techniques, new trends, new subjects. I consider that knowledge and education are the most useful tools one can have in life and therefore I have continued and will continue learning throughout my life.

I started with a degree in law and continued with master in Marketing in Spain. Later, I moved to Australia to study a graduate certificate in Public Relations and a master in communications. My research project topic was the usage of Youtube by the Obama 08 campaign, which helped me understand the great opportunity that social media are for businesses.

I also keep myself informed of the latest trends and tools through webinars, courses, blogs and online communities. These times change fast and you need to be updated to provide quality services. 

After 2 years as a freelance marketer for small businesses, I realized many business owners want to engage in active marketing and communication but lack of time to manage it personally or massive budgets to hire specialized agencies. It made me think...Why there are no general agencies providing a wide range of services and catering for small businesses specific needs? A few months later here I am!


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